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About Us

Taizhou Lion King Signal Co., Ltd Welcome to visit LION KING. Taizhou Lion King Signal Co., Ltd. is a professional company specialized in making various sirens, rescue air cushions, PPV blowers,Smoke Ejectors and Line throwers, mainly consists of Research and Development Department, Production Department, Sales Department, Testing Center, and Customer Service Department. The company located in Taizhou, which is near to Shanghai and Ningbo with very convenient transportation system. LIONKING rescue products, widely used by Fire Fighting Department, Police, Armed Police, Anti-terrorism, Military, Air defense, Oil Fields, Water Conservancy , Airport and so on. At present, the LION KING brand have enjoyed great popularity and well -deserved reputation. And also export to Europe, US, Asia, Middle...

Catalogue and Products

Rescue Air Cushions

Rescue Air Cushion

Rescue Air Cushion, Rescue Jumping Air Cushion, Inflatable Rescue Cushion, Fire Fighting Air Cushion, Fire Rescue Air Cushion, Emergency Safety Cushion,

Big Air Bag

Big Air Bag, Safety Landing Bag, Jump Air Cushion, High Jump Air Cushion, Jumping Cushion, Safety Air Cushion, Safety Jumping Cushion, Safety Cushion,

Fire Rescue Blowers

Eletric Powered Ventilator Fan

Eletric Driven Ventilator, Electric Powered Blower,

Petrol Driven Ventilatior

LK-MT260, LK-MT236, LK-MT240,

PPV Blower

GF164SE-16'', GF210-21'', GF240-24'',

Water Drive PPV


Smoke Ejectors

EFC120X-16'', EFC120X-20'', EFC120X-24'',

Blower Accessories

Blower Accessories, Blower Accessories,

Sirens & Alarm

Hand Operated Sirens

Hand operated siren LK-100, Hand operated siren LK-100A, Hand operated siren LK-100B, Hand operated siren LK-100L, Hand operated siren LK-100P, Hand operated siren, Hand operated siren LK-120A, pedal siren LK-120S,

Small Industrial Motor Sirens

SMALL INDUSTRIAL MOTOR SIRENS, SMALL INDUSTRIAL MOTOR SIRENS, Small Industrial Motor Sirens, Small Industrial Motor Sirens, Small Industrial Motor Sirens, Small Industrial Motor Sirens, Small Industrial Motor Sirens, Small Industrial Motor Sirens, Small Industrial Motor Sirens, Small Industrial Motor Sirens, Small Industrial Motor Sirens,

Large Electromechanical Sirens

Large Electromechanical siren LK-JDL400, Large Electromechanical siren LK-JDLD400, Large Electromechanical siren LK-JDL480, Large Electromechanical siren LK-JDL550, Large Electromechanical siren LK-JDW145, Large Electromechanical siren LK-JDW188, Large Electromechanical siren LK-JDW245, Large Electromechanical siren LK-JDW400, Large Electromechanical siren LK-JDW450, Large Electromechanical siren LK-JDW450-2, Large Electromechanical siren LK-M2, Large Electromechanical siren LK-M5, Large Electromechanical siren LK-STH10A, Large Electromechanical siren LK-STH10B, Large Electromechanical siren LK-STH21-2, Large Electromechanical siren LK-EP400, LK-SENTRY A, LK-SENTRY B, Defender Siren,

Explosion Proof Electromechanical Sirens

Explosion Proof Electromechanical Siren LK-JDW245B, Explosion Proof Electromechanical Siren LK-JDW400B, Explosion Proof Electromechanical Siren LK-JDW450B,

Line Thrower

Line Thrower, Line Thrower,

LK-Line Thrower A

Line Thrower A

LK-Line Thrower C

Line Thrower C

LK-Line Thrower D


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