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Use of Rescue Air Cushions should be noted that several issues 2011-10-18

Rescue air cushions, is a high-altitude escape the life-saving equipment. It has inflated a short time, the buffer effect is remarkable, easy to operate, the use of safe and reliable. Using a flame-retardant properties of high strength fiber material, a flame retardant, wear-resistant, anti-aging, folding convenience, long service life. The author based on the actual fire fighting and rescue experience, from three out of life-saving cushion to use Simple Explanation of how the errors, for your reference.

A fire rescue air cushions with caution, so as not to induce jumping.

If the fire scene laying in effect encouraging people jumping cushion, which will lead to three very serious problems: first, people may not inflate in the air before jumping down to the ground and direct hit, causing more serious injuries; The second is people see the air rushed out after the jump, jump the first time to the person who left the air after a jump has been falling collision with the final hit of all people are jumping on the air, resulting in more serious injuries; The third is based on tests from the ground from 15-20 meters is the limit of air escape (about six floors or less), and set fire air, you can not require that only the following people can jump the sixth floor, seventh floor above the masses if will jump to see the same air, we can not easily or precisely because of impact on air falls and

Set up in the air against the clock slow for fire emergency.

Fire against the clock, the first consideration is the immediate organization of fire fighting and rescue stranded people, because the fire escape time is very limited (according to the study room in the fire, burning from the fire to burn just six minutes overall), in such a short period of time consideration of life-saving air cushion is the first practical idea. Take time to wait for completion of inflatable air cushion, air cushion too light, easy flowing, the whole process at least five people simultaneously, together with the time needed to fire out no time. So we have to caution air rescue, do not cause people to wait for the laying of air, while the delay time to escape, but more serious injuries. In addition, when people jump, the existing prison buildings, full of obstacles down the status of space, air masses can be accurately fall on it? Thus, we are in a rapidly changing scene of the fire commanders to keep a clear head, size up the situation, a reasonable application of fire-fighting tactics, accurate play the role of life-saving cushion.

We should conscientiously do a good job air of routine maintenance, and inspection.

August 29, 2006, Ministry of Public Security Technical Oversight Committee approved the release GA631-2006 "Fire rescue cushions" standard. Fire rescue cushion is divided into ordinary cylindrical type fire rescue fire rescue air cushion gas. "Fire rescue cushions" standard provides fire rescue air cushion models, technical requirements, test methods, the use of storage, routine inspection and testing rules. As the fire rescue cushion specialty products, the standard clearly states its only for emergency rescue and fire forces without any other alternative method to use, relief height shall not exceed 16 meters. Life-saving inflatable cushion every three months should be checked out once, with 50 kilograms of sandbags from 12 meters in height three times running test in non-routine inspections by the staff jump. Fire fighters in the daily inspection, maintenance is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the above requirements, must not be careless, causing accidents.

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