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Use life-saving air cushion problems should be paid attention to 2011-07-21

Rescue Air CushionAir cushion, is a high altitude escape lifesaving equipment. It has a short inflation time, buffering effect, convenient operation, safety and reliability of use. With flame retardant properties of high strength fiber material, flame retardant, wear-resistant, resistant to aging, convenient folding, long life and other characteristics. The author according to the actual fire fighting and rescue experience, from the three aspects of how to get out of lifesaving air cushion mistakes in using, for your reference.

One, is the fire with air cushion, so as to avoid inducing jump. The fire if laid cushion being encouraged to jump from the masses, the derivation of three serious problems: the first is the masses may in the air cushion has yet to be completed before the inflatable jumped, and direct impact to the ground, causing more severe casualties; second is seen after the first cushion jump, jump first person to leave air cushion, after the jump people have been falling collide together, finally all his people are hit on a cushion of air, produce more severe casualties; third according to testing, from 15 meters to 20 meters from the ground is air escape limit ( about six floors below ), and a cushion after the fire, not required only six buildings are the following personnel can jump, seven buildings above the masses to see if air will jump, he easily due to impact or can not accurately fall on a cushion of air and causing casualties, so the fire rescue absolutely should not use air rescue.

In two, count every minute and second fire air cushion slow action cannot save a critical situation. At present this area fire fighting squadron police strength is insufficient, the count every minute and second fire, the first consideration is immediately organized fire fighting and rescue trapped people. Because the fire escape very limited time ( according to research in the fire room, from the fire to the comprehensive combustion only takes six minutes ), in such a short period of time, consider the set of lifesaving air cushion is not practical ideas, waiting for the air inflation takes time, air is too light, when after inflation, easy flowing, the whole process for at least 5 people to operate at the same time, plus the fire fireman fireengine needed time, no time. So we should careful with air rescue, do not lead to the masses for laying of air cushion, which delays escape timing, but caused more severe injuries. In addition, when the crowd when he jumped to the existing Lin Li, bars, littered with decreased spatial disorder, people can accurately fall on a cushion of air? Thus, in the fire scene we vary from minute to minute. We should keep a sober mind, consider the situation, reasonable application of fire fighting tactics, accurate play a life-saving air-cushion equipment function.

Three, is to do a good job of air daily maintenance, inspection work. August 29, 2006, the Ministry of public security and Technical Supervision Committee approved the issuance of GA631-2006" fire rescue cushion" fire control lifesaving air cushion is divided into ordinary type fire control lifesaving air cushion and column type fire rescue cushion. " Fire rescue cushion" standard provided fire lifesaving air cushion type, technical requirements, test methods, the use of storage, daily inspection and inspection rules. Because the fire fighting rescue cushion products particularity, standards clearly stipulates its only for the fire army emergency rescue and without any other alternative methods are used when the rescue, height should not exceed 16 meters. Every three months, should remove the inflatable check again, with 50 kg sandbag altitudes from 12 m to three on the test, routine inspection prohibited by the staff to try. So fire fighters in the routine inspection, maintenance should be strictly in accordance with the above requirements of operation, must not drop one's guard, causes of accidents.

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