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Understand the scope of the role of rescue and maintenance of air cushion 2011-08-05
Inflatable Rescue CushionAlong with social progress, security is increasingly attracting attention, Rescue Air Cushions is so into the people’s vision. So the scope of the rescue air cushion is the amount of maintenance but also how to do it?
Rescue Air Cushions the range:
After the earthquake relief and rescue work;
Machinery installation, plumbing repairs;
Commit suicide;
Rescue Air Cushions maintenance checks:
Rescue air cushion must be someone responsible for the management;
Rescue air Cushions in dry, ventilated area away from heat and corrosive pollution areas;
Time to rescue air cushion inflated to check if there are problems;
To use the term must be replaced;
Do the above two points, you can better aid the people, help people out of danger, to ensure foolproof security of people’s lives.
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