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Two Jumping car accident three Wishes To Commit Suicide Kunming Fire Emergency Rescue 2011-08-29

Rescue Air Cushions

While sunlight sun, all eye balls experienced a relaxing, pleasurable summer, Fire officials and grownup men Fire site site visitors crash Or consuming water to help the people, opening the entrance Yihuo dig hornet's nest, all of those scenarios take place often they figure, they interpreted the activity once more and once more with what is "serving people wholeheartedly."

Scene 1: at half previous eleven on may 17, 2010, Kunming, Yunnan Province, the next Squadron obtained remedy Fire " 119 "Command center dispatch said: literary loved types unit, prevent E space 1502, a lady jumped to ask for squadron to dispose of. hazardous could possibly be the purchase obtained Alarm ideal after the squadron quickly dispatched a vehicle to rush in the direction of scene 8.

11 42 fire officials and grownup men arrived in the scene and quickly grasp the circumstance inside the spot. area residence path personnel in the direction of squadron commanders take place to be described: near to 9 am, the woman's husband to return home largely as a accomplish result of loved types conflicts intensified, top lady angrily ran up the 18th flooring rooftop, mental woman, resulting in his suicide, threatening within 10 jumped away the eighth floor, the woman's loved types is in talks with her. since the flooring is as well high, rescue oxygen cushion no effect, in look at with this situation, squadron commander quickly led the officials and grownup men to girls was observed throughout the flooring along using the deployment in the rescue plan: standard war quickly divided into three groups, the earliest team of two comrades , 18th flooring rooftop in the populace ready to rescue, the next team two comrades within 17th flooring window to discover opportune time to put into activity the rescue wing, 3rd team of two soldiers observed the alert, a assertion using the circumstance quickly in the direction of commander; from the loved types to persuade woman, or indifferent, the commander saw the time has passed for half an hour, if even more delay, largely as a accomplish result of numbness or accelerated danger of fatigue, mental lady is much more excited at this time, has most in the hanging whole body bar outside. occasions of turmoil squadron commander quickly ordered the rescue operation began immediately: the earliest team has two people in the roofing by applying the 18th floor, railings, see the roofing situation, seize the attention in the lady the time, climbed much more than a railing combatants a stride to lightning girls like pace rushed behind, the roofing in the lady getting hugged, quickly brought below look after in the woman; an even more team quickly available railing bolt, collusion rescue, to help save to some protected place, and girls to commit suicide the law enforcement and her family, when present have been relieved, so the complete rescue operation was a complete success.

Scene 2: at 14:33 inside the may 17, 2010, squadron camp once more quick electrical bell sounded, "119" command center command: Heights Nanba local community federal government workplace 2nd flooring has two girls jumping , the ask for for disposal squad officials and soldiers rushed in the direction of scene. Time is life, ideal after the squadron obtained orders quickly dispatched a cellular rescue cars and vans rushed in the direction of scene officials and grownup men of 8.

14 55 squadron arrived in the scene found out the officials and men: the local community federal government architectural structures within Heights nanbazhen home borders inside the next flooring of Taiwan cross Zuozhe two women, more mature teenage lady of 50, youthful place of about 40 many years old, at any time using the danger of falls. Squadron commander inside the circumstance appear near to and found out that three sides in the making once the smooth framework for mixed consuming water mill, it is complicated to put into activity from the two sides in the rescue, squadron commander quickly ordered two soldiers in the direction of website monitoring, so that you simply can stay obvious of dropping objects assault incidents, squadron officials and grownup men will crowd the scene, along using the households of suicide have been evacuated, and pull the shield in the scene and opened using a life-saving cushion. In preparation for carrying out rescue run upstairs and began a dialogue using the lady upstairs, attempting to persuade them down. 15:25, no fruit within persuasion, the two girls all of a sudden burst into tears, pretty emotional, crucial juncture, the squadron commander issued operational orders decisive: tackling team quickly at the rear of the 3rd flooring in the making to help save people breaking in to the raid. 15:33, saw a few of fire fighters with lightning pace within 3rd flooring along in the direction of next floor, to agile practices, panic-like signifies to quickly grasp two women, will help save them the safety zone, and disposed of from the law enforcement presence. 15:50, squadron personnel officials and grownup men of inventory, products withdrawn.

Two jumping crash rescue, the squadron officials and grownup men to stick in the direction of scene, directing a powerful, decisive, ideal methods and actions used to effectively stay obvious of instant conflict, to some level to resolve the conflict between the masses, completely embodies the remedy company officials and grownup men " special ability to endure hardship, to fight, and contributory "fighting style, and continually arranged people's day-to-day lives and residence first, and continually preserve in mind, the moment in time once more practicing using the specific operation in the squadron officials and men," loyal and trustworthy and serve people and dedication, "the spirit in the masses from the presence of praise.
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