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The pilot's Safety Air Cushion 2011-12-28

It appears as though Lightning state-of-the-art Fighter jet should be delayed, and there is a thing that ought for getting additional to this aircraft. The jet presently could be probably the most state-of-the-art jet through the world; however it is devoid of an inflatable butt Safety Air Cushion using the pilot. What requires place once the power plant quits less than 50-100 feet? The pilot should eject right away as well as the jet will fall toward ground, possibly even explode on impact.

It is my contention that once the pilot does not get out in time, she or he may survive using the help of an inflatable air-butt bag. This could safeguard the pilot's spine from fracturing and give them an opportunity of survival even if they are unable to eject in time. How a great offer would a thing such as this cost? It is difficult to say really, most almost certainly 10 instances as a great offer since it should. However, getting this type of the protection product through the previous certainly could have saved countless day-to-day lives in other jet and helicopters.

Indeed, we should in any way instances consider saving excessive extra fat on this type of an aircraft, and with VTOL "Vertical Take-Off and Landing" aircraft, just about every sole pound counts. Thus, this type of the product ought for getting instead light, instead tiny and just enough to steer obvious of the pilot from getting crushed to passing away through the event she or he is nonetheless through the cockpit since the jet arrives crashing toward Earth. offered which has each of the most current technology, why not set up a protection air-bag under the pilot's seat great after all, isn't it the pilot who puts his butt concerning the collection for our nation?

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