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Rescue Air Cushion in the analysis of fire and rescue application 2011-08-10

In recent years, the fire brigade in fire fighting and rescue training process used in everyday Rescue Air Cushion , the casualties occurred when staff to explore the training and combat personnel in how to effectively avoid falling on a Rescue Air Cushion harm or harm reduction the extent of the problem, the training and actual combat have practical significance.
In essence, the body will fall on the Rescue Air Cushion the hurt on
Fundamental reason is that human body parts in contact with the air on a unit area by
Impact of the reaction, more than the corresponding parts of the body per unit area
Can withstand the impact on the result of limits.
From the physical point of view of the human body falling in the process of life-saving analysis of available air in four stages:
The first stage of the human body escape from the building height h at the moment to surface contact with air only.
The second stage is the human body to the surface velocity v acting on the air will cause air cushion deformation.
The third stage is down to the surface of the body with the air somewhere, due to elastic deformation of the role of the human body by an upward stretch, and a downward gravitational mg.
The fourth stage is the human body to v ‘the speed outstripped the increase in surface air to a certain height, they fall into the air or drop to the ground outside air, and ultimately still down.
how to avoid or reduce the harm of the Enlightenment:
(1) rescue workers to fall down when the Rescue Air Cushion provides the location of the maximum allowable height must be to test the premise.
(2) inflated and deflated inflatable pump exhaust hole must have an appropriate amount in order to ensure maximum body height from the air cushion fall to the surface, the surface of the body down with the air displacement may not occur is greater than or equal to cushion height ho.
(3) persons falling from a height, you should try to cushion off the surface of the center, and four weeks can be used as a protective rope, to avoid the role of the body thrown to the ground as elastic damage.
(4) to cushion the surface of the whereabouts of staff, should be to approach the largest parts of the body surface contact with air, thereby reducing the unit area of ​​the body parts by the impact.

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