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Rescue Air Cushion effect 2011-07-29

In twenty-first Century today, as people’s living water for the rise and progress of the society, people ‘s psychological quality in continuous decline, jumped to his death toll is rising every year, how to prevent and timely rescue has become a growing concern. Rescue Air Cushion in which it plays a lot of most.
On one hand, the government and the people began to strengthen psychology to improve, to see a psychiatrist or vent through the game, music, or running and so on, to achieve the improvement of psychological quality.
On the other hand, in that there is this kind of accident, rescue teams to improve the rescue speed and rescue consciousness and improve rescue apparatus, air cushion has greatly improved the rescue effort and rescue the probability of survival.
Rescue cushion is a kind of escape lifesaving equipment. It has a short inflation time, buffering effect, convenient operation, safety and reliability of use. With flame retardant properties of high strength fiber material, flame retardant, wear-resistant, resistant to aging, convenient folding, long service life.
Rescue Air Cushion let commits suicide the human life, optimistic upward.

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