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Paved the women's life-saving cushion to save a life 2011-09-19

That a woman jumped to commit suicide, Suifenhe Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately dispatched police to the rescue, after a painstaking persuasion, or spur caught women jumped from the fourth floor, but fortunately caught by rescue cushions. Recently, Suifenhe thrilling scene occurred in the city, rescue workers full use of tactics and equipment handling equipment firm, a suicidal woman in time to save lives, has been highly praised by the masses live. 

At 15:09 on December 29th, 2010 Xu, Suifenhe Municipal Public Security Bureau 110 command center received a notification that the Fire Brigade Attendant: 4th Floor, Building 2 at the Huiyuan window at a woman want to jump off a building, Fire Brigade Alarm has already been there out of the police. After receiving notification, the command center immediately commands town police station, patrol special police unit, law and order brigade out of the police. Also reported to superiors. Police intelligence is an order, time is life. 
The unit received a warning order immediately after the police arrived on the scene. 

The scene a 25-year-old woman sitting on the fourth floor window at the south side, stop crying, the body is fully exposed to the window, crumbling. Deputy Mayor, Public Security Bureau Liu Desheng in the scene, and asked the police to war at all costs to restore the lives of those who commit suicide. As soon as possible to save the woman to commit suicide, according to the scene, the fire battalion Gengbing Li is set up temporary field headquarters. Plans for dealing with emergencies in accordance with the requirements of the fire squadron instructor will immediately show the scene of Grace Lei, police officers are divided into five groups. A designated use of warning tape warning area, evacuate the crowd, to prevent the accident; two groups using life-saving air cushion, laying position in the women want to jump just below, at the same time, the establishment of security observation posts, always observe the movements of the woman; three group of soldiers from the fighting classes Xiajian Kang, Hu Mingyi carry ropes to rescue a large roof, do the rescue from the roof down the preparatory work; four groups responsible for suicide woman patient dialogue, emotional stability, understanding of the situation; five groups by the town police station 
Police ordered the staff responsible for residential property contact heads of household, ask the woman jumped to his cause. 

15:28 Xu, just as all the rescue work in an orderly manner, the woman feeling completely out of control, jump jumped from the fourth floor window. At this point, observe the officer in charge of security under emergency situations quickly issued an emergency rescue signal, the second group of four firefighters quickly follow the instructions to move the four corners of the cushion and cushion for fixed air cushion on the success of the women received. 
The woman falls to the air above the scene after the police immediately with the 120 emergency medical personnel checked them, rescue. 

After examination, the woman, are not harmful, the body vital signs were normal. Crowd burst into enthusiastic applause. The understanding of the woman called the Wang, with her husband because of conflict of suicidal thoughts. Later, she deeply regret their impulsive behavior, Wang and his family thanks to the rescue again and again.

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