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Passers-trapped bulldozer driver overturned and fire emergency 2011-11-29

A small bulldozers to stay away from the oncoming car, emergency roadside spin path accidentally roll in to the cornerstone, the bulldozer driver was a good considerable pressure, the whole entire body near for the soil jointly with a bulldozer could not proceed ... ... Alarm shortly after the fire brigade rushed for the scene, shortly after half an hour to rescue the trapped driver rescued.

November 24 9 am, the fire brigade obtained a report Longyan Yongding said: Hang up Yongding County Jinsha Township bulldozer rollover occurred from the path of street accidents, people nowadays trapped. on the scene, saw the bulldozers roll from the embankment, a 40-year-old truck driver was crushed below the metal pressing the abdomen with a car, the woman, "wheezes," breathing heavily, once the subject is not groans. "We desired to create utilization of the stick to pry the bulldozers, people nowadays rescued from below the car, but as well a good offer merely pry the auto does not move!" several people nowadays should reflect the scene.

Under area conditions, area commanders determined to create utilization of the lifting cushion immediately to carry out the rescue. Two males ready to air, and connect the hydraulic cylinder, then pressing trapped oxygen stays inside the whole body location to expand. using the change inside the hydraulic cylinder, the rescue was merely a tiny little bit of space to expand, could possibly be trapped and slowly actions from the body, then the officials and males shovels, hoes as well as other options from the area of trapped affordable the part to dig a pit, although motorists near to the broken glass, debris removal, and eventually effectively trapped experienced been rescued from the part from the excavated pit.

The whole rescue treatment lasted much under half an hour, to ensure timely alternative of individuals trapped in the health care office staff confirmed how the ladies on the regional whole body is scratched, another does not matter.

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