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Men drink and his wife disagree jump the bridge police fire rescue efforts 2011-11-23

One pair of riding an electrical auto within of the middle-aged couples riding north to south, Zhongshan South Road, about guys consume more, and his partner have any comments, they argue every one of the method to ride every one of the way. Riding yinma Bridge Approach, the man all of a sudden electrical vehicles a lost, that survive, after which climb Qiaolan ready to commit suicide. Upon seeing his partner swiftly leave the auto rushed past, while her husband when crossing the fence, grabbed his clothes, he was struggling to bridge valgus.

"Quick help ah, it absolutely was to bounce the bridge." His partner shouted. Then here's an additional two passers-by passing the electrical auto has thrown apart right away rushed over. best suited after crossing the Qiaolan man commit suicide, happened to possess a protruding outside the railings in the pier, the man stood near to the pier, his partner and two other passers-by grabbed the clothes of the corner, then mental man, nevertheless struggling.

A pretty a few mins later, a law enforcement auto arrived near to the scene, then, to possess a fire truck to available the bridge subsequent the Pearl lane. since the 7 or eight meters away from your street bridge, as shortly since the man fell away the life-threatening. within of the rescue process, the fire for safety, bridge laying within of the oxygen quickly. The bridge carrying the law enforcement with one another with a passer-by crossing the rope fence, stood near to the pier waist possessing a rope tied to man, and who with one another using the bridge deck near to the guys get. man looked about fifty many years old, covered using the alcohol. Subsequently, the law enforcement man and his partner back again to China Gate law enforcement station to mediation until best suited after his mental stability, was the partner to hold home.

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