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How to Treat Big Air Bag 2012-05-04

The driver's side Big Air Bag in your Dodge Ram is designed to stop the forward movement of your head in a front-end collision, preventing you from hitting the steering wheel and preventing whiplash. They're not infallible, though, and if your Big Air Bag light comes on, you may need to replace the Big Air Bag on your Dodge Ram to fix the problem; otherwise, you will not be protected in an accident.

Big Air Bag cause thermal burns, chemical burns, and friction burns. There are different treatments for each type of burn, so it is important to know which kind of burn you suffered from a deployed Big Air Bag.

You can reset your Saturn's Big Air Bag light right from your home garage, saving you a trip to the dealership or mechanic. The Big Air Bag light or "SRS" light (Supplemental Restraint System) illuminates on your instrument panel when there is a malfunction detected with the Big Air Bag system. You should immediately have the Big Air Bag assembly examined by a qualified mechanic and replaced, if necessary. Once this is accomplished, you can reset the Big Air Bag light.

No matter what year or make vehicle you have the process to disarm the Big Air Bag is going to be the same. The only reason you should disarm Big Air Bag is to perform work on the car or if your car does not allow you to transport a child in a safety seat in the back and they must ride in the front. If all you want to do is disarm the passenger-side Big Air Bag, you can access a switch to do this. If you need to disarm the driver's side Big Air Bag the process is only slightly more involved.

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