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High Pressure Blowers 2012-02-01

High-pressure fan blower is the industry's high-end products, the performance is higher than similar products, regardless of the Tibetan Plateau at an altitude of 4,000 meters, or snow does not melt throughout the year in Harbin, China, or the highest temperature of Hainan Province, is China's largest desert area Xinjiang. Lai Eke high pressure air is fearless.

"World of Britain," "one of the world's four great," said the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with China's "Tin Road - Qinghai-Tibet Railway", high pressure blower is made of special materials.

A high pressure blower fan, air cover are used the world's most hard ADC12 material, the equivalent of Mercedes-Benz wheel rims the same material.

Second, the high-pressure air blower is devices built-in silencer out of control, so as to achieve low noise.

Third, the high-pressure blower pressure stability, through water treatment, plating application examples prove, stir, roll waves highly consistent.

Fourth, the high-pressure blower at the same power, the same pressure, and the flow is greater than all similar products.

Fifth, the use of high-pressure blower air cover sheet thermal design, the equivalent of motorcycle engine cooling, significantly reduces the temperature when the fan is running.

Sixth, the use of high pressure blower bearings pre-design principles, the two bearings placed in front of the fan blades and motor back to achieve the best balancing configuration, and is conducive to heat dissipation.

Seven, high pressure blower with a special anti-vibration feet designed to greatly reduce the vibration generated by the fan running.

Eight high-pressure blower economic energy. The same power, the same pressure, the same flow rate, high pressure blower current is less than similar products.

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