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Fan maintenance 2011-09-06
Fan include centrifugal fan, and axial flow fan and cabinet type fan, air conditioning fan, it is to rely on the input energy into mechanical energy, improve the gas pressure side by side of machinery, it sent gas is a follower of the fluid machinery.

Fan of maintenance and repair measures include:

1, lubrication system of examination

A. daily inspection of the oil in the tank is below the minimum time line, such as oil shortage please come on.

B. daily check the oil is mixed in with water content of the dirt and metamorphic, such as metamorphic please change in time the oil.

C. daily cleaning oil filter.

D. daily inspection drops the drops of oil nozzle condition is normal, like drops of nozzle dirty may be unloaded the self-contained nails clean adjust.

2, air filter check a daily check air filter is dirty. Such as dirty can remove the air filter, screw up wing nuts, remove the lid, cleaning filter sponge. (discharge filter keep dirt into when fan in the host)

3, the check sanjiaodai fan operation after period of time, v-belts will elongation. Then will the retaining bolt to loosen, the motor mobile motor, taut v-belts proper position again after the motor the retaining bolt lived, and pay attention to tight pulley and fan motor control of end in the same plane. Also check the two pulley top screw is loose.

4, often check the fan and the operation condition of the motor, such as the discovery of noise, temperature not to stop in time when normal maintenance.

5, daily examined for oil leakage, part of the leak and repair, such as can't repair please call the manufacturer.

6, daily cleaning wind machine room, keep clean, well ventilated.

7, daily inspection of the relief valve is flexible, such as not flexible please condition to ensure reliable cleaning debugging of opening and closing.
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