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Bayi Bridge, the fireman put her "throw" to the safety cushion 2011-11-15

21 am, a woman, spur using the moment in time because of house chores, Nanchang Bayi Bridge climb up the statue on the south element using the light need to commit suicide, luckily in time firefighters arrived clutching. through the situation using the desperate woman, the female collectively two fire fighters through the statue on the ingenious "throw" in the direction of at current paved rescue cushions, the folks rescued safely.

21 am, a female climbing in the direction of Bayi Bridge south borders using the light statue, although law enforcement are at pains to connect with her, however the female is ordinarily silent. At this point, two firefighters who experienced been standing concerning the rope tied ladies to commit suicide on equally sides, ready to forward the rescue. Suddenly, the female turned to confront the bridge to commit suicide, but his arms out using the light statue, after which claimed she jumped around, this scene to ensure that onlookers are sent screaming.

"Plum, ah, do something silly, and quickly lower it." Persuade a grandmother through the pursuing without any effect. Time wore on, rescue employees experienced been ordinarily thinking about of ways. 9:20, the female may possibly end tired, slightly proceed the area using the plan toward the east element using the statue, then, in light below the west element using the standby rescue personnel "shot." law enforcement evacuated the earliest to disperse the crowd the way in which in the direction of thing to consider of ladies to commit suicide.

At exactly the exact same time, the statue of the fireman standing on the narrow base, a stride to rely concerning the go, with his left hand to cling tightly. However, the female started out struggling and kicking possessing a pedal fire, seeing another firefighters also arrived to support rescue two firefighters hold out collectively to drag the west element using the light statue. But this time ladies are nonetheless struggling, not using the rescue. At this important juncture, the firefighters specific the safety using the bottom cushion, threw the female cleverly and accurately concerning the safety cushion. using the "boom" a sound, productive female to commit suicide fell concerning the safety cushion. Soon, a 120 emergency automobiles roar, the female sent to some nearby hospital. area crowd burst into applause also.

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