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About Rescue Air Cushion 2011-07-26

Rescue Air CushionInflatable lifting air ( Rescue Air Cushion ) is applicable to irregular heavy lift crane and lifting equipment to work the narrow occasions, especially rescue was the heavy pressure in personnel, after the earthquake relief and rescue work, highway and railway traffic accident rescue work, marble mining and minerals, limits the use of blasting operations is broken rock engineering, repair heavy machinery while removing wheel, roller and gear, emergency lifting load vehicle into muddy swamps in the desert, the underground electric locomotive car and train derailed after resetting, open the elevator door, pipeline repair and welding support or mobile pipeline, large car, truck and tractor tire replacement, tilt truck power mobile unloading, large-scale machinery and equipment, precision instruments and equipment displacement, large experimental platform leveling, moving the railway bridge, civil or industrial accident rescue trapped in the device in distress; lifting underwater objects.


Made of high strength rubber and reinforcing material; high voltage fast charging time less than 60S; large hoisting tonnage, placement using gap only 35mm; type, thickness of less than 40 mm; the work environment without special requirements, can be used for soft soil, snow, gravel, garbage and other places; rapid action, in 10-30s complete lift, support. Lifting air inflated cushion, expansion, thus plays a supporting, lifts, translational action. Especially in narrow working interface in use, we can get good effect.

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