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8 Tips For The Self-Help Escape In The Home Fire 2011-10-14

(1) loved types people should really recognize the basic method of fire escape necessarily, be common using a few escape routes, not lust property.

(2) When there is fire outside, as well as the entrance is hot, do not available the entrance to possess the ability to stay obvious of the fires fleeing in to the room. Use wet bedding, clothing ect to obstruct the door, and splash consuming water to create it cool.

(3) using the fire threat, it is best to work decisively to positioned wet clothes, blankets ect to rush out in the direction of safe and appear place.

(4) at any time you escape by method of the smoke, it is best to really make an effort to retain the whole body near in the direction of ground, and enclose the nose and mouth using a wet towel.

(5) If all fire escape routes are blocked, it is best to really right away return in the direction of room, using a dozen flashlights, waving clothing, calls, etc. to send out distress alerts in the direction of window, waiting for rescuing.

(6) it is best to really not hold the elevator when fire. And escape in the direction of protection of export orientation.

(7) at any time you are on fire, do not run, you can roll or suppress the flames with heavy clothing.

(8) Do not leap blindly, you can take advantage of the evacuation slides, consuming water pipe, etc. to self-help escape. You also can use a rope, the sheets or even the quilt to torn into strips using a rope tied tightly using the window bar, heating pipes, metal bars as well as other fixtures, and shield your palm belonging in the direction of hand from the cloth, go straight down from the wall, or straight down to no fire ground and away from danger.

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